Friday, August 6, 2010

Drama Camp!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Oh Nick! :)
Nick and Karl being weird as usual! :)
Stage Make-up. Ben and Ben:)
Emma and Maddie at the creamery :)
This was our fun group! :) After Lunch!

Another fun group! :)
The whole group!:)

As most of you probably know I recently got back from drama camp! It really was the best 2 weeks of my life! :) Our final production was "Children of Eden" when I first found that out in January I was not looking forward to doing that play, but as we got into the 2nd week of camp and started working on it I was really glad they did that play! Because we did that play I think I learned a lot more about the bible then i did before (It actually inspired me to start reading the bible, so now that is what I am reading for my personal scripture studies). I also learned a lot more about acting, as you all know acting is my passion, but being there made me understand that is is really lots and lots of hard work, so I grew to have a greater love and respect for acting! Last I loved all the people there! Really I don't think that there was one person there that I did not love there! It was just really neat to be in the same environment for 2 weeks all with people that love the same thing I do and they all take it seriously! If you haven't grasped the fact that I totally loved it by this post then sorry!!! I love Theatre Camp!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Girls Camp!!! (:

Well I know I haven't posted a REAL post for about 10 months now so here we go I will give it a shot!

This past week I had the opportunity to go to girls camp! It was way fun! We had lots of kicks and giggles, but we also had so serious and very spiritual moments.
One of the activities that I felt the spirit most at was when we all sat down and the leader blind folded us. They told us to keep our hands out and be prepared for them to place things in our hands. The music started to play and the 1st song was silent night and I was very confuzed cause hello it is the middle of summer. Then they placed a little bundle of hay in our hands which represented the manger Christ was born in, then they handed us a block of wood which I thought could only represent the wood that he and Joseph carved together. Then they gave us a rose stem to represent the crown of thorns, while we held the thorns they started to sprinkle water on us for his tears and all the tears that were spent that day (they were playing a song about tears and what had happend that day when he was crucified. Then they put a nail in our hand to represent the nails that were in his hands. Then last but not least they gave us a rock, which I admit I did not know what is was supossed to represent, but the moment the gave me that rock I felt the spirit so strong I thought it was going to know me right out of my seat.
Now some of the fun moments were the awesome pranks!!!!!!! The first day we were there one of the leaders opener her water bottle and there was a gold fish in it! Then that night after we were done an we came back up to the tables and everything every single water bottle that had been left out on the table had a gold fish in it! That is just the beggining! We all got zip tied into our tents, Silly string, Oil,Vassiline,Moose and plastic rap on the toilet seats,numbing cream and Blue dye in tooth paste,crickets in the tents,rocks in pillows. There was a lot of fun pranks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sorry Guys!

Hey everyone!
I am sorry I havn't posted for a while, but i will post some pics and other stuff by the end on next week!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


As you all know Carmen and I were in Colorado for Halloween, and Jeff was Wolverine, Angie was Jean Grey I was Storm, Carmen was Rouge and Cal was Bobby so we had a whole X-man team and Monica was a Butterfly. If there was a group prize at their ward party we would have either won or gotten in 2nd. There was this other family with 7 kids, their mom was Mrs. Clause, their dad was Santa clause and the kids were elves and reindeer. We also carved the coolest jack-o-lantern.

Fun with the Fostah's part 2

Another big part of the awesome trip was that we built a way cool snow fort. We spent 30 minutes getting all the kids ready to go outside and then they stayed out there for a total of about 8 minutes. So in the end Angie and I were the only ones that stayed and built it (Thanks! Carmen for staying in and watching Natalie and the other kids when they came in and for the photos). So here are some pictures. As I said in the earlier post we did a lot of wrestling with Cal and we did alot of X-man poses the picture below was my favorite one, we call it the mystique. Last but certainly not least Mel came out for 2 days and we had so much fun.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun with the Fostah's

For the past 2 weeks Carmen and I have been in Colorado with the Foster's (my aunt and uncle). Angie just had a baby girl named Natalie Raye Foster. So we have been here visiting and helping with the baby. We have done so much stuff we had fun with there laundry shoot, we went on walks, we worked on center peaces for my uncle Dale's wedding, we went on picnics, and we had lots of fun with bubbles, we did alot of wrestling, and we were here for both Cal and Monica's Birthday and HALLOWEEN (which by the way we are going to be X-MEN Jeff (Wolverine) Angie(Jean Gray), Me(Storm), Carmen (Rouge)and Cal(Bobby), and more to come in more posts.

Angie Did these cakes from scratch!!!! (they are awesome are they not)!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Burns Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Burns Side of my family is really wacky. They all love to talk, There is so many cousins, and yet we still have big family get togethers. They are so awesome! This summer for our family reunion we went up to the Heber Valley camp it was a blast. The weird thing is when I think Burns Family "Camping" is not exactly the first thing that comes to my mind. But we all showed up and we were really good sports about it (it was probably cause it was in cabins and there was showers and there was refridgereator and a pantry). I don't have any pictures yet. ):

Other family reunions we have had once we went up to jackson hole, we've gone to island park.

So here are some pictures from 2007.